Sven's Island Lip Balmy
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Sven's Island Lip Balmy

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Give your lips that healin' feelin'! Sven's Island 100% natural lip balm contains the tingling freshness of alpine mint infused with nourishing virgin coconut oil to soften for silky smooth lips. We also added the antiviral goodness of organic Manuka leaf oil to provide instant relief from pesky cold sores. Finally we topped it off with organic Manuka beeswax for extra antibacterial activity and to seal in all that moisture. Together this equals a pocket-sized product of pure pout perfection!


  • Wickedly wonderful for dry, cracked and wind burned lips
  • Antiviral, may help to prevent the formation and shorten the duration of cold sores
  • Packed full of vitamins, essential fatty acids and its completely edible!
  • Delivers a nourishing, refreshing zing that'll have your lips minted in no time

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