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Uncle Goose Blocks Sets

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Uncle Goose Handmade Wooden Blocks made from sustainable Michigan basworod.. Below is a description of each block set.

Classic lowercase ABC blocks - this alphabet block set is an exact recreation of Uncle Goose classic ABC block set, but everything is lowercase. Even the animals got smaller. This set containts 28 block Lowercase ABC set and includes baby animals, numbers or maths symbols and four letters (two embossed) on each block

Groovie Math & Patterning - these blocks are used to help teach children sorting, ordering, opposites and patterns. This set contains 28 grooved blocks with debossed numbers, math symbols, geometric shapes corresponding to the number on the opposite side, and an activity booklet.

Nursery Rhyme Blocks - Hickory, dickory, block. Nursery Rhyme 9 Block Set. These fun and memorable blocks help children to learn their nursery rhymes. They are perfect for playing, reading, learning or as a nursery decoration, which makes a great baby should gift. Each block is embossed with two silhouette images from classic Mother Goose stories, and the text of nine nursery rhymes is printed on the other four sides.

Count & Stack Number Blocks - Connect a circus train, or build a skyscraper with the Count & Stack Number block set, all while learning to count. This set of 10 blocks is great for motor coordination development and well as kicking your child's imagination into full gear.

Lowercase & Uppercase Alpha Natural Blocks - Blank blocks provide somthing of a tabula rasa to nurture your creative nature. This block set includes 14 cubes with 2 lowercase letters embossed on opposite sides. You'll get one complete alphabet (plus an extra "A" & "E") to decorate any way you please.



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