Woolbabe Pebble 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit
Woolbabe Pebble 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit

Woolbabe Pebble 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit

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Wow, our beloved Woolbabe merino/organic cotton blend sleeping bags have grown legs! Your toddler is ready to go and so is our 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit. Don’t you wish you could wrap up in a cosy onesie all day? Just because your little person wants to be active it doesn’t mean they can’t be wrapped up cosy at the same time.This innovative design still keeps the most-loved properties of our renowned Woolbabe 3-Seasons sleeping bags and offers a safe sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers who no longer wear a sleeping bag.  You'll have peace of mind that they can't trip over in their suit and can get in and out of bed safely.    

The Woolbabe 3-seasons suit is made from 2 layers of merino + organic cotton jersey fabric, which is soft and smooth against sensitive skin. The merino wool component still provides the qualities which react to changes in body temperature, ensuring a constant body temperature and encouraging everyone to have a good night’s sleep. This is a very versatile sleeping suit is ideal for most of the year. Just vary the clothing inside the suit or use just with a nappy in the warmer months.  Like our 3-seasons sleeping bags, this suit is designed for rooms 18 to 28 degrees.  

The long cuffs mean they can be pulled down to cover little feet on cooler nights or roll them up to wear with Lamington or Icebreaker merino socks.  This also extends the product life as the cuff won’t be frayed through and it allows for those sudden growth spurts!

Please note - When comparing the Duvet Sleeping Suit against the 3-Seasons Sleeping suit, the 3-Seasons Sleeping suit may appear larger, even though they are the same size and shape. The Duvet Sleeping Suit is the same construction as our Woolbabe Duvet Sleeping Bag - Quilted, filled with 100% merino and lined with percale cotton. This means it doesn't have the stretch and flexibility that the 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit has. The flexibility and stretch with the 3-Seasons Sleeping Suit is due to it being made from 2 layers of our unique Woolbabe merino blend.

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